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Hello Robert and welcome to my mermebs site! Currently there are not any testing requirements to progressing on this site for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is it is actually hard to teach the applications of any art at a distance that can offer any sort of belt system because I cannot fully evaluate the progress of the student and therefore cannot honestly promote students from a distance in good conscience. I do see the need for the student mermebs to feel rewarded when they accomplish and master the instruction so I am in process of creating quizzes and mini exams that will either be sent via email or on site. Once they pass a quiz or exam they will be awarded some type of merit badge and then moved to the next level. However, this merit system will only be an on-site verification of their progress and not intended to tell a student what their physical level of expertise is in Kung Fu San Soo.One of my concerns is that anyone can go to say, Black Belt Magazine for example, and buy DVD instruction along with a black belt and assume that if they watch the videos and practice a few times that they will be a black belt! This concerns me because of the safety of the individual really not knowing how to protect themselves and can be dangerous to them by thinking that they are ready to do so.I think you can see the predicament that I am relaying to you! The only students I currently advance in a belt ranking system are the ones that I teach in person. So my point is that martial arts training based on belt level achievements really only works in a hands-on environment in a land based school.What I do offer that does work on-line is a mermebship site with three levels of video instruction that can be used to teach a person how to defend themselves in real world street encounters without any prerequisites to skill level.Below are descriptions of the 3 levels of mermebship I offer here at the site. This information can is also located on the right inner right hand side bar of the site under the Subscribe Now! heading.Level I (Silver) is FREE and consists of basic information and tips such as video instruction (currently 42 video posts) on basic stances, developing maximum striking power, basic blocking and the Kung Fu Video Tip Of The Week.Level II (Gold) is $12.97 per month and consists of intermediate information and tips such as video instruction on determining distance, closing the gap on your opponent, the element of surprise, the use of diversion and using your attackers momentum.Level III (Platinum) is $24.95 per month consists of advanced information and instructional video techniques such as blocking combination’s, the use of restraints and submissions, fighting multiple attackers, weapons disarmament as well as individualized one-on-one video coaching.
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Pluto's weather is more active than we thought
With each batch of images that rolls in from New Horizons, scientists learn more about Pluto's characteristics.
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